Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New York State Education Law 3020-a + Memos To The Field

The 3020-a hearing process in New York City is a bizarre mix of personalities, character assassinations, lawless opinions and actions, lies, fake news, and truth.

The way to win any hearing, in my opinion,  is to meet the challenge of being in outer space by keeping a focus of putting facts first and supporting the facts with humongously terrific arguments.

Anyway, below are the rules and laws that could be helpful to someone who wanted to know more about the 3020-a in principle.

However, a law is only as good as it's implementation.

None of the laws or rules are honored unless you want them to be. Just reading the law wont help you.

That's the problem. Have someone in your hearing who supports you and who knows the fight and can use the rules to win the argument. Remember Reese's pieces in the movie E.T.?

That 's what you need to do. Find E.T.

Betsy Combier
Editor, Advocatz.com
Editor, NYC Rubber Room Reporter
Editor, Parentadvocates.org
Editor, New York Court Corruption

New York State Education Law 3020-a Procedures

Occasionally, there is a need to issue memoranda to the field to clarify information pertaining to the various regulatory and administrative responsibilities of OSPRA. Copies of important memoranda may be obtained by following the relevant links below.
June 2020

June 2019
Fingerprinting Fee Increase

Test Security Unit (TSU)
September 2015Education Law §3020-a Hearing Officer Rates
August 2015Teacher Tenure Hearing Changes
July 2015Fingerprinting Changes – Important Dates and Escrow Accounts
May 2015Fingerprinting Rejection Report
May 2015Fingerprinting Changes – Transition Timelines
April 2015Fingerprinting Changes
March 2013Teacher Tenure Hearings – New Online Tenure Case Management System
December 2012Hearing Officer Voucher Guidelines
May 2012Education Law Section 3020-a Hearing Officer Rates (effective April 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013)
April 2012Education Law §3020-a Changes (Effective April 1, 2012)
September 2011Fingerprinting Sports Officials
October 2009Conditional Clearances

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