Saturday, June 21, 2014

US Supreme Court Rules That Public Worker Testimony Is Protected From Retaliation

At 3020-a arbitration in New York City, the Department of Education tries cases with vengeance and bad faith. When someone succeeds in trumping their deck of cards, say with subpoenas and excellent testimony by witnesses who work for the Department but want to tell the truth, the Department yells "foul".

The attorneys at the Gotcha Squad are now telling principals to stop anyone in the school building who is subpoenaed to appear for a Respondent and testify against the Department. Principals are informing subpoenaed witnesses who work in the school (and who are asked to testify for the Respondent) that if they do appear at the arbitration they will be docked a day's pay.

So, please give this awesome decision by the United States Supreme Court to everyone put into that position.

Betsy Combier

Public Worker Testimony Is Protected, Justices Rule

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