Saturday, April 19, 2014

New York State School Boards Association Issues a Reform Brief on 3020-a

3020-a Teacher Discipline Reform

Under current law a “3020-a” teacher disciplinary proceeding takes an average of 520 days from the date charges are brought to the date of a final decision; at an average cost of $128,000.00. Proceedings addressing pedagogical incompetence take an average of 830 days at an average cost of $313,000.00. The recent addition of an “expedited” process for those who receive two consecutive subpar evaluations is not nearly sufficient to address this issue. Real reform of the teacher discipline process is needed. Independent contractor arbitrators in disciplinary cases must be replaced by NYSED administrative law judges. Cases would be decided more quickly, enabling districts to return the teacher to the classroom or hire a permanent replacement. In either event, taxpayers would be relieved of paying for costly and needless delays. Many of the needed reforms just makes sense: For instance, teachers convicted of child abuse, those who have had their license to teach revoked and those who do not obtain permanent certification in the time required by law should be removed without onerous procedural requirements. Simply put, our state can no longer afford a process that is both ineffective and time consuming.

ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL: 5 Ways To Reform The Teacher Discipline Process
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